vendredi 17 août 2012

MAJ de la custom rom Uberoid pour la TV Box E66

HarcoreHacker du forum Techknow a mis à jour sa custom rom pour l'Android TV Box E66 (WM8710).
La rom 1.1.2 v1.3 XL propose de nombreuses nouveautés avec, notamment, l'installation de nombreux émulateurs (ATARI 2600, Gameboy Advance...).
En effet, cela peut être intéressant d'utiliser cet Box TV comme console de jeux, entre autres...Cette petite boîte devient de plus en plus intéressante !
Lien Techknow

Liste des nouveautés :
* added mxplayer 1.6j
* added mxplayer armv6 codecs 1.6j
* added grrmode.quickshutdown app, because I dislike all the verifications on shutdown
* added joydev.ko (test version, I can now mount my gamepad to the box, dmesg output seem all ok, but I can't do anything with the gamepad)
* added gamepadime
* updated market to google play store 3.7.13
* removed battery icon in the statusbar
* created ICS icons mod for the TV Shell Launcher
* modded framework to look like ICS
* added 4 ICS wallpapers to choose from
* modded build.prop, added ro.product.model=GT-I9100
* modded build.prop, added ro.product.board=GT-I9100
* increased windowsmgr.max_events from 80 to 150 for more smooth scrolling windows
* disabled non working update (caused some lag during checks)
* removed data.tar accounts.db
* disabled non working auto update service
* placed a proper sized default_wallpaper.jpg (one 800x480 was showing on the back of the LS)
* permanent root
* added TechKnow to the bookmarks :-)
* fixed the text on the white settings background fw bug
* added Atari 2600 emulator
* added Gameboy advance emulator
* added Gameboy color emulator
* added Sega Genesis emulator
* added Sega Game Gear emulator
* added Nintendo Entertainment System emulator
* added Super Nintendo emulator
* added AndSMB for share browsing 1.9.1
* added Appbackup 1.0.5
* updated google play to 3.7.13
* added jackpal Terminal Emulator
* added Fing, network scanner, for easy finding shares on your network to stream media off
* disabled camera app
* rebuilt the packagelist, removes the 0byte packages in the application list

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