mercredi 4 juillet 2012

MAJ d'Uberoid pour l'E66 TVBOX : 1.1.2 v1.2.1

L'équipe, super dynamique, du forum TechKnow propose une MAJ pour la BOXTV E66.
Cette version est la 1.1.2 v1.2.1 par HardcoreHacker.
Forum TechKnow

Voici la liste des changements :
* fixed a small mistake in the sdtool
* removed flash
* disabled camera app

* created SDTOOL.bat to easily transfer the ROM to a SD card
* removed battery icon in the statusbar
* created ICS icons mod for the TV Shell Launcher
* modded framework to look like ICS
* added 4 ICS wallpapers to choose from
* modded build.prop, added ro.product.model=GT-I9100
* modded build.prop, added ro.product.board=GT-I9100
* increased windowsmgr.max_events from 80 to 150 for more smooth scrolling windows
* disabled non working update (caused some lag during checks)
* removed data.tar accounts.db
* disabled non working auto update service
* placed a proper sized default_wallpaper.jpg (one 800x480 was showing on the back of the LS)
* permanent root
* added TechKnow to the bookmarks :-)
* fixed the text on the white settings background fw bug
* fixed Demo Purposes Only / Demo Version Expired lock
* wifi powertx to 65
* cleaned up litter in the ROM
* added gmail
* fixed market crashing
* changed root access
* memory boosted
* mmc read boosted
* mmc write boost
* boosted optimized out of memory system
* decreased memory swapping behaviour
* created lite version of the Res_WmtLauncher.tgz package
* added file expert 4.0.9
* changed boottext
* updater Superuser app to 3.0.7
* added YouTube 2.3.4 HD
* removed sample movie
* removed all extra apps
* replaced google market for google play
* expanded market access
* optimized TCP buffers
* increased max UI events to 75
* spoofs a samsung galaxy tab 7"
* added superuser 3.0.7
* rooted

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