mardi 5 juillet 2011

MAJ firmware Archos Gén8 2.3.81

Une nouvelle MAJ pour la Gén8 est en ligne sur le site Archos : version 2.3.81.
Elle corrige quelques bugs notamment concernant la batterie.
La méthode Arctools pour installer l'Android Market fonctionne toujours; la méthode Archangel pour rooter les tablettes Gén8 ne fonctionne pas (Source Arctablet Blog).
  • Flash: integrate flash plugin version (can be uninstalled)
  • Subtitle wizard: allow to associate a subtitle to a video (launched by a long press on a video file in video browser)
  • Audio player: solve some seldom force to close
  • Audio: increase compatibility with android applications (e.g. games)
  • Video: avoid crashes when playing truncated or broken MKV files
  • Video: fix bulgarian subtitles detection
  • Wi-Fi: fix unit rebooting in loop sometimes when waking up from suspend leaving Wi-Fi on in nomadic situations
  • Battery estimation: report 100% at full charge (power led blinking) after removing the charger
  • Battery estimation: provide more accurate battery charge information at boot for A70it hard drive model
  • Media library: purge media library entries relative to the sdcard at sdcard removal
  • Internationalization: include better Russian translations

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